Business performance groups are a proven way of helping operations improve.  They are also know as “mastermind”  groups and 20 groups.  Our groups have between 10 and 15 company members each with between 20 and 40 continuous improvement minded leader attending each meeting.    

Currently we direct 8 business performance groups.  Four groups are owners groups.  There are two groups for sales managers and two groups for operations.  

Typical items on the agenda include:

  • Operations tours and feedback
  • Employee conversations
  • Goal setting and reporting
  • Key performance indicator comparison and actions to improve metrics
  • Member best practices 
  • Member challenges and solutions
  • Processes and procedures
  • Implementing and improving on technologies 
  • Customer eXperience Management
  • Other special topics 

Our current groups:

“Kaizen” Owners Group

“Visionaries” Owners Group 

“Gladiators” (Ashley HomeStores) Owners Group

“Eclipse” Owners Group

“TopLine” Sales Managers Group

“Lean” Operations Group

“Sigma” Operations Group 

“Rainmakers” Sales Managers Group