“NOW is the time to Level-up!”




The mission of PerformNOW is to help you level-up – you and your business.

We believe that wherever a business or person is now, in terms of success, there is always opportunity for growth.  This is true for those that seek improvement and execute what it takes to achieve it.  

Our clients are continuous improvement practitioners and “Kaizen” students, which means they seek ongoing change for the better.

We help these forward looking, improvement-committed people, with all aspects of growth and operational development.  They are a select group, mostly long-term and we are extremely proud to work with them.   

Our core products surround continuous business improvement activities:

1) Performance “Mastermind” Groups: Owners groups, Sales manager groups, Warehouse Operations groups.
2) CXM systems and processes: Customer eXperience management.
3) Complete retail furniture business consulting.

Typical topics are: people and management development, financial and operational analysis, scaling the business, expanding margins, selling systems, marketing effectiveness, inventory management, purchasing, warehousing, customer relations, service, and cloud-based software solutions.  We help clients analyze the current state of their business, plan for future improvements, and set actionable forecasts to grow value now.

If you wish to connect please reach out to PerformNOW founder, David McMahon @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidwmcmahon/ or email to david@performnow.net.

  • 1


    Measure current performance and compare with high performing peers

  • 2

    Prioritize Objectives

    Spot, select, set opportunities / objectives for improvement

  • 3

    Actualize - Key Results

    Define and execute key actionable results for growth

  • 4

    Realize continuous gains

    Monitor improvements, adjust, and realize gains. Continue to improve.

…the PerformNOW Continuous Improvement Journey